BMS Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse


Teachers allow students to learn scientific phenomenon to engage them on a regular basis, but it’s a rare event when students are able to actually experience this phenomenon in their lifetime. Byron Middle School will use the phenomenon of a solar eclipse to act as a launching point to experience and learn about this astronomical event. Teachers will provide cross curricular activities pertaining to the eclipse to help students couple their classroom learning to a real, authentic phenomenon. The students will explore the different phases of the moon, create solar eclipse diagrams, calculate the Earth’s temperature change during a solar eclipse, research how animal behavior is affected by the eclipse, discover what cities in Georgia will be in the path of the totality, research how ancient cultures predicted eclipses, and uncover the effect eclipses have on shadows.

The eclipse will occur during Byron Middle School’s instruction time and dismissal. Safety is a top priority, which is why solar eclipse safety glasses were purchased for all students and staff. Dr. Bell will provide information on safe viewing practices, which include viewing the eclipse through the special safety glasses, during the school’s special assembly the morning of the eclipse. All students will have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view the eclipse outside between 1:30 and 2:15 p.m. Students will make scientific observations throughout the eclipse and journal about their unique experience. Staff and students will celebrate this extraordinary event with moonpies, starbursts, and capri suns. Parents were invited to share in their child’s experience and many are expected to attend. Byron Middle School is truly seizing this incredible and rare phenomenon by reaching out to their community and providing an engaging educational opportunity.

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