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My name is Neita Rader.  I am one of three speech therapists who work for the Peach County School District.  I have the privilege of working with the students at Hunt Elementary School, grades pre-kindergarten through fifth, Fort Valley Middle School, Trojan Academy, and Peach County High School.   I received both my undergraduate (BS) and graduate (M. Ed.) degrees in Communication Disorders from Valdosta State University.  I currently hold a State of Georgia license to practice Speech Pathology, a Georgia Educator Certificate to teach in the school, and a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association.  I am originally from Wichita, Kansas, but now I live in Byron, Georgia.  I have two grown sons and two beautiful grandchildren.  In my free time I like to travel, read, and watch NASCAR. 





1. Do your best practice
2.  Follow directions
3. Keep chair on the floor
4. Take turns talking
5. Keep hands and feet 
to yourself

What is a Speech/Language Pathologist?

A speech/language pathologist (SLP) is a certified professional who works with children and adults who have communication problems.  These may include:

  • Language errors:  limited vocabulary, grammar, and/or communication styles
  •  Articulation (speech sounds) errors:  saying one sound for another, omitting a sound, or distorting sounds
  • Voice errors:  speech that is too high, too low, too loud, too soft, hoarse, breathy, or nasal
  • Fluency or stuttering:  interruptions in the flow or rhythm of speech which may include hesitations, repetitions, or prolonged sounds, words or phrases

















email: nrader@peachschools.org