to right: (Front row) Sheryl Tennyson, Vic Marie White, Glenis Carswell, Neita Rader and Carrie-Ann Irby; (Back row) Tiffany Bouvia, Jeffery Bailey, Nancy Heidt, Zsa Zsa Hicks, Mabel Ogelsby, Janie Stump, Barbara Basley-Miller, and Danell Springer.

Carrie-Ann Irby, MOID Teacher  
Mabel Ogelsby, MOID Teacher  
Barbara Basley-Miller, Interrelated Teacher   
Tiffany Bouvia, Collaborative Teacher  
Zsa Zsa Hicks, EIP/RTI Teacher 
Janie Stump, Gifted Teacher  
Vic Marie White, ESOL Teacher
Neita Rader, Speech Pathologist 
Nancy Heidt, Media Specialist 
Darnell Springer, Music Teacher  
Linda Lockett, WEBB  
Sheryl Tennyson, Counselor   
Jeffery Bailey, PE Instructor  
Glenis Carswell, PE Instructor  
Shonda Fobbs, Parent Coordinator