Community Engagement Committee


The Peach County Board of Education (the “Board”) identified the need to collaborate with community stakeholders through its interaction with community representatives.  To advance this initiative, the Board established the Community Engagement Committee (the “CEC”) in 2009. 



The purpose of the CEC is to create a proactive and open dialogue between the Board and community stakeholders. 



  1. Members of the CEC will serve one (1) two-year term beginning in January.
  2. Members of the CEC are appointed by the Board.  The Board appoints two (2) constituents from their precincts.
  3. All CEC members serve voluntarily.
  4. If a CEC member is unable to fulfill his/her term, the board member of that precinct will select a replacement member.
  5. Members will include the following:
  1. The Board (1 board member will serve as the liaison between the Board and the CEC Committee.)
  2. The Superintendent
  3. The District Parent Coordinator/District Liaison
  4. 10 Community Stakeholders (2 members from each of the five precincts)
  1. Ideally, the CEC members should consist of the following community stakeholders
  1. Parents
  2. Civic Groups or Service Organizations
  3. Households without school-age children
  4. Grandparents
  5. Individuals who work or either own a business  



The CEC will elect the following officers:

  1. Chair
  2. Co-Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Assistant to the Secretary


Board Liaison

The Board Liaison is elected by the Board.


Duties and Responsibilities of the CEC Members

  1. Create an image/message which:
  1. Promotes the District’s success
  2. Explains the reasons that schools and communities must work together to increase student success
  3. Makes it clear that everyone in the community will benefit from the work of the CEC, even those without children in school
  4. Demonstrates a steadfast desire for feedback.
  1. Establish a means of keeping the community informed
  2. Serve as the communication link with constituents:
  1. To foster engagement of stakeholders in the decision making process
  2. To hear concerns and integrate public input
  3. To establish representative public voice and/or position related to the District’s operations.
  1. Be accountable and committed to each task


Duties and Responsibilities of the Chair

  1. Plan the CEC meeting Agendas with assistance from the Board Liaison utilizing the standard CEC Agenda format
  2. Distribute the Agenda to the CEC members 24-hours prior to the meetings (electronic version), ensure that hard copies are available at the meetings
  3. Preside over the CEC meetings
  4. Periodic contact and/or meetings with the Board Liaison


Duties and Responsibilities of the Co-Chair

The Co-Chair assumes the duties and responsibilities of the Chair in his/her absence.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Secretary

  1. Record the minutes of the CEC meetings utilizing the standard CEC format noting main topics of discussion, deadlines, other information as needed, and consensus of the committee
  2. Maintain the minutes in an organized manner
  3. Distribute the minutes to all committee members within 24 hours prior to the next meeting


Duties and Responsibilities of the Assistant to the Secretary

The Assistant to the Secretary assumes the duties and responsibilities of the Secretary in his/her absence.



The CEC will meet monthly.  The meeting date and a time will be set by the CEC using consensus process. 

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