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Learning Target Mini-Workshop Handout                                            DOK Descriptors Chart

Learning Target Video Clip                                                                 DOK Guide PPT

Learning Target Rubric                                                                       DOK Question Stems

Learning Target PowerPoint for PL                                                      Rubrics for Grading

Learning Target as Scaffolding for the Standard-Science                     Instruction Strategies Activities

Learning Targets as Scaffolding for the Standard- Math                       Peer Tutoring Rubric

Nevada Site Resources                                                                        Peer Assessment Rubric

Effective Questioning PowerPoint for SCIENCE PL;                              Effective Groupwork Toolkit

Effective Questioning PowerPoint for MATH PL                                    Differentiation Ideas

Effective Questioning Handout 1                                                           Best Practice Strategies 

Mini-Workshop: Using TOTD to Differentiate

Phenomena Site

Next Generation Lesson Screener

"New Lesson Plan" Video 

"Three Dimensions of New Standards" Video

"Disciplinary Core Ideas" Video

"Science and Engineering Practices" Video

"Crosscutting Concepts" Video

Biology Lesson Plan Site

Designing Assessments for GSE

Sample Assessment Tasks

6 Steps to Coming Up With An Engaging Phenomena - Article

Popeye Phenomena

Sample ELA Differentiated Lesson Plan

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