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  • We are now studying Growth of a New Nation/ American Government in social studies. Please view  view the ones  on American Government and Growth of a New Nation. I would like you to watch at home with a parent, so we could discuss this in class. Thanks in advance...

    Please go back and review the and take the test, these are great studly guides for the Crct test

  • Social Studies /Science T Shirt Project

    9 weeks project(due May 9th)

    Rough draft (due May 2)
    4th  grade Social Studies/

    Hi parents we will be working on this project in and  out of the classroom..

    For the 4th  9 weeks we will be doing a T-shirt design project using social studies standards. The purpose of this is to review for the social studies / Science  test. The t-shirt should be designed so that it can be used in a review process. (Example: Question on one side, Answer on the other; word on one side,(ex. It must be set up in question format)

    1. Each student will need a T-shirt to work on. It does NOT have to be new, but it does have to be plain (NO WRITING) and it will have to be worn at school after completion. Shirts do not have to be white, but I must be able to read what you write on it.

      (If you need help getting a T-shirt, or if you would like to donate an extra shirt, please just let me know.)
    2. Each student will be assigned a standard or vocabulary word to use for their T-shirt.
    3. Shirts may be done at home or during study hall/ recess times at school.
    4. Shirt design is only limited to your creativity! Remember to use the front and back—and even the sleeves in your design.
    5. Following completion of the T-shirt, students will be required to wear their shirt..

      The wearing of the T-shirt will be a participation grade—all or nothing!

    100 or 0!


    Who  were the Inuit Indians and in what region did they occupy in the US.?

    · Using a computer and printer, print a picture of Inuit tribe on an iron-on sheet. Iron the tribe  on the front of your shirt. On the back, in large letters, write a description of the Inuit tribe and regiion.

    · OR glue felt letters on the front that say: Robert E. Lee. On the back glue letters that define who he was.

    Recognize and be able to name the cardinal and intermediate directions of compass rose.

    · On the front it might say, “I am a compass rose”

    · On the back would be the compass rose with the cardinal directions

    ~permanent markers

    ~T-shirt paint
    ~“puff” paint

    ~bleach pen on a dark shirt

    The rough draft of your shirt (to be sketched on the attached T-Shirt design page—do NOT bring in your shirt already made!) (Social Studies / Science shirts  due on May 2(rough drafts).  Students will then have a week to make to complete the shirts

    Ex..Please make sure the question is set up jeopardy style.

    What is a controlled test of a hypothesis? experiment


    You will receive 4 grades for this project: (1) Homework grade for T-Shirt design page & parent signature (2) T-Shirt grade (appearance, accuracy, legibility, etc.); (3-4) 2 Participation grades (Just wear the shirt on the    assigned days! Easy credit!)

    T-Shirt Dates (Mark your calendars!) due May 9

    Please write question in Jeopardy form…. Example: Who said,” The British are coming”?  Paul Reevre

    *You may use only one shirt (if  preferred) front Science / back SStudies

    PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN ________________________________________________

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