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5th  Grade ELA

  • Reading
    • Comprehension
      • Main Idea
      • Prediction
      • Inference
      • Recall/ Details
    • Literacy
    • Informational
    • Point of View
  • Language
    • Parts of Speech
      • Identification
      • Function
    • Grammar rules and conventions
    • Vocabulary Acquisition
  • Writing
    • Narrative
    • Informational 
    • Persuasive
    • Writing Process
    • Response to Literature


  • Nightly Reading

    Read 20 minutes nightly and write a paragraph summary retelling what you read. 

  • Read! Read !

    Please remember to read each night.  A.R. goals have been set.

    Click here to sign up for A.R. Parent Access. 

    Students are required to read at least two books a week.

    * 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction


  • Vocabulary Builder
  • Weekly Vocabulary Builder

    Weekly Vocabulary Builder Assignment

    Each Friday that students are given a new  list of ten words for the students will be required to complete the following weekly activities.  The  nightly activities will help them to learn the words and prepare them for their Friday vocabulary task.  

    Friday Task

    • Read each word correctly – 10pts
    • Define each word correctly – 20pts
    • Use each word in a sentence correctly  – 20pts

    Total Points 50 pts

    Homework Assignments

    Monday – Write a sentence using each word.

    Tuesday – Find a synonym and an antonym for each word

    Wednesday – Choose 5 of the words and use in a paragraph

    Thursday – Study for the Task

    Friday Sun – Write the definition of each word and practice the pronunciation of each word.

    *Note: Some words may not have a synonym or antonym

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