Civil War

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or see below:

States’ rights- the laws & rights that one state makes for itself

Slavery- forced to work without being paid; being bought & sold

Abolitionist- someone who is against slavery

Secede (secession)- to leave a political union (USA)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin- a novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe which opened Americans’ eyes to the truth about slavery

John Brown- an abolitionist who raided a gun storage building in order to set slaves free

Harpers Ferry- the location of the gun storage building in Virginia that John Brown raided

Fort Sumter- a fort in South Carolina which was where the first shot of the Civil War took place

Gettysburg- the site of the bloodiest battle & turning point of the Civil War (Pennsylvania)

Appomattox Court House- the site where Gen. Lee (South) surrendered to Gen. Grant (North) to end the Civil War


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