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Reconstruction vocabulary

1. Reconstruction-time period following the Civil War (1865-1877) when Southern states were brought back into the Union and newly freed slaves tried to find their place in society

2. 13th Amendment-banned slavery in the U.S. and any of its territories

3. 14th Amendment-granted citizenship to all people born within the U.S. and gave them equal protection under the law

4. 15th Amendment-all men had the right to vote, no matter their race, color, or previous type of work (slavery)

5. Freedmen’s Bureau-an organization set up by the U.S. government that gave food, clothing, medicine, and other needed supplies to freed slaves

6. sharecropping-an arrangement between landowners and freed slaves; landowners would provide supplies and a place to live and the worker would share the crops at harvest time

7. Jim Crow laws-laws passed in the South to discriminate against African Americans; made it legal to have separate schools, hotels, restaurants, theaters, restrooms, trains, buses, etc.

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