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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Welcome to fourth grade!! I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable summer and ready to work together to make this a successful year. These first weeks we will be establishing classroom routines and building a classroom community that will allow for an exciting and productive year together.  To help get us started I have outlined some important information and details regarding fourth grade routines, policies, and procedures.

Study Habits:  Your child should learn good study habits.  Expect your child to spend 30 minutes a day on school work at home.  If all assigned work is complete, your child could read a book, study spelling words, write for pleasure, practice math facts, handwriting, or play computer games that cover skills.

Homework: It will consist of incomplete class work or extra work to help your child learn a particular skill.  Your child will be provided with a weekly reader that consists of daily homework that will be placed in their agenda. PLEASE check this agenda daily as I may staple or write notes in it.  Most homework is due the next day with the exception of lengthy projects.   I will be sending science/ sstudies vocabulary words home every other week( along with study guides) they will be given guides at least 2 weeks prior to test.These items will also be placed on my web page.. Every Friday the student will be given a set of words for Science and Sstudies . They are to make flash cards with these and study weekly for tests.  These homework grades will accumulate to 1 grade for the 9 weeks.

Take Home Folders: Please sign and return all papers. A portfolio is kept in the classroom of the student’s work and can be viewed by you as needed. If you do not receive the take home folder from your child, please ask him/her about it and then let me know if you have questions.

Notes From Parents:  I must have a note if your child plans to take a different method of transportation than in my records.  If I am not notified by you, I will send your child home the usual way for him/her.  If your child is absent, please send a note to explain their absence.  Please keep in mind that after several "She/He didn't feel well" doctor's notes are needed to be excused.  Your child is responsible for missed work.  If you would like it the same day, it will be in the office by the end of the day.

Student Behavior:  To be assured that your child, and all the other students in our classroom, has a good learning environment, these rules should be followed and will be enforced.

1.  Work should be completed with minimal distraction to others.

2.  Respect other's space and property.

3. Come prepared to class every day.

4.  ALWAYS do your best.

Consequences: For each infraction of the rules during the course of the day, the following sequence will occur:


If you choose to break a rule (Level 1 offense: minor hall infractions, talking/off task, not following directions, running, pushing, shoving, horseplay, disrespectful/unkind behavior, out of class without a signed pass, inappropriate language)

1st time -   verbal warning

2nd time – verbal warning and a mark on the clipboard

3rd time – a mark on the clipboard; The student will have a personal conference with me.

4th time – The student receives a demerit and the parent receives a phone call or note home

**Demerits should be signed by the parent.


*Depending on the severity of the disruption or infraction, any step may be skipped or may be dealt with by the teacher specific to the situation.  A record will be kept of the behaviors.


**Level 2-3 offenses will be referred to the office immediately! (A description of Levels 1, 2, and 3 offenses can be found in the Student Handbook

Severe disruptions are sent immediately to the office and parents will be called.  If your child consistently breaks rules, I will confer with the office about In School Suspension.


Students with good conduct will participate in the following events:

Fun Friday, Wings Celebration, and Drawing for prizes

I hope this overview has proved helpful to you. Communication, commitment, and cooperation are essential in the educational process. Let’s work together to make this year a success!


The Fourth Grade Team

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