Unit 2 Explorers

Explorers Unit 2

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SS4H2 The student will describe European exploration in North America.

a.    Describe the reasons for, obstacles to, and accomplishments of the Spanish, French, and English explorations of John Cabot, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Juan Ponce de Leo´n, Christopher Columbus, Henry Hudson, and Jacques Cartier.

b.    Describe examples of cooperation and conflict between Europeans and Native Americans.


SS4G2 The student will describe how physical systems affect human systems.

a.    Explain why each of the Native American groups (SS4H1a) occupied the areas they did, with emphasis on why some developed permanent villages and others did not.

b.    Describe how the early explorers (SS4H2a) adapted, or failed to adapt, to the various physical environments in which they traveled.


Here  you will find the ppt used during the lessons on explorers

  1. European exploration

  2. The power point on explorers

  3. Study guide for test

  4. Jeopardyreview

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  1. European Exploration in North America (PPT 451 KB)
    Includes interaction with Native American groups

  2. pptExplorers PowerPoint (PPT 1.39 MB)

  3. docExplorers Study Guide (DOC 35 KB)

  4. pptExplorers Jeopardy (PPT 461 KB)

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