WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR! I am very excited about finishing up this second half of school and continuing to provide the students with engaging and fun lessons.

As we get back into the groove of things, we will review all the concepts we have learned since the beginning of school. We will now start learning how to use addition and subtraction within 20 to solve word problems. (MGSE1.OA.1)


We will continue working on learning about measuring length using non-standard objects (MGSE1.MD.2), ordering the length of objects in a set (MGSE1.MD.1), and measuring time (MGSE1.MD.3) to the hour and half hour using an analog and digital clock. Also we will continue working on number sense (MGSE1.NBT.1) and graphs (MGSE1.MD.4) throughout the school year.

Please continue to check your child's folder weekly for homework sheets. ALL homework is due every FRIDAY of each week. Continue to work with your child at home.

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