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Hi ,

My name is Mrs Barbara Armstrong.Iam a wife and a mother of six. My husband is Dexter Armstrong. My children are Keaston, Kenya, Riley, Dion, Khadisja and Tony.

I will be teaching your child Social Studies this school year. We will cover in Social Studies (Native Americans to The Civil Water). . There  will be ppts, study guides, Projects and several other materials on line which will help you and your child stay informed. If you have any questions about assignments  or any other concerns please email me at


Social Studies homework

The students should do their vocabulary words from social studies. The vocabulary words are written every week. The index cards should contain (1.the vocabulary  word, 2. the definition of the word, 3. drawing of the word, 4. a sentence using the word in correct context) The assignment is due every Thursday.

The students are given notes daily and there are notebooks check every mid-term and week check. The test are mostly open notebook test. Your child is responsible for coping their notes and placing assignments in his or her agenda. The test dates are placed in the agenda (the dates are posted on the board). Project dates are also, supposed to be posted and signed in the agenda. The students will do interactive notebooks on a daily basis.

Each Social Studies  PowerPoint can be found on the website. The  students will be given Study guides at the begriming of each unit. The study guides are to be signed, dated and returned to school the next day. The students will be given  a grade when he or she returns the guide.

Weekly Readers due every Friday

Vocabulary(Index cards) due every Thursday


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