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Holiday Program

MARK YOUR CALENDAR:  Our Kindergarten & 1st Grade students will be presenting a program on Thursday, December 10th at 6 PM.  The title of our program is "Christmas Cookies & Holiday Hearts".

Peach County School System Transitions to Peach County Charter School System
The Georgia Department of Education presented school districts in Georgia with three (3) options for use of greater flexibility to improve student achievement.  The options allowed school districts to operate as one of the following types of school systems:
1. IE² System
2. Charter System
3. Status Quo System
After considerable research, attending numerous workshops and numerous board meeting presentations on each of the options, Peach County Board of Education (the “Board”) decided that the Charter System was the best option for Peach County Schools.  The Board unanimously approved the Charter System option on June 2, 2015.  

Click HERE to view the District's timeline for transition to charter school system
Click HERE to view an orientation presentation on charter school systems

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