Congratulations Georgia Art Educator of the Year - Cathy Heller!

Cathy Heller

The Georgia Art Education Association is pleased to announce the 2022 State Art Education Award Winners.


Georgia Art Educator of the Year - Cathy Heller

Elementary Award - Mwassa Sherard

Middle Award - Annie Park

Secondary Award - Dr. Lauren Phillips

Supervision/Administration Award - Dr. Sara Womack

Distinguished Service Inside the Profession Award - Lara Langston

Distinguished Service Outside  the Profession Award - Leonard Zimmerman

Emeritus Award - Tracy Kuzminsky

Croy West Award - Tiffany Weser

National Art Honor Society Award - Dallas Gillespie

Museum Educator Award - Patty Petrey Dees


The steadfast commitment of these educators to arts advocacy has distinguished them as leaders in arts education and we value their dedication. We recognized and honored these individuals at this year's GAEA Virtual Fall Conference which was held on November 6, 2021.


Again, congratulations! We are so honored as an organization to have these outstanding art education stars, and we thank them for all they do!



Noelle Petersen          

GAEA President

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