Guitar Club


Grades:  4th, & 5th

Advisor:  Ms. Maddox

Meetings:  TBA                           

Need Help Tuning Your  Guitar:  click here.

Performance Schedule:  Spring Concert - Date TBA


The KRES Guitar Club will meet weekly from January - May for the 2013-2014 school year.  Guitars will be available during school hours, but it is encouraged that students have a guitar for home practice.   

Guitar Student Size Chart
Age                                      Height of Player                Size of Guitar
4-6 years old                            3'3" to 3'9"                          1/4-Size
5-8 years old                            3'10" to 4'5"                        1/2-Size
8-11 years old                          4'6" to 4'11"                        3/4-Size
11-Adult                                   5' or taller                            4/4-Size


I encourage you to purchase a nylon string guitar for all sizes smaller than a full size guitar.  The nylon string classical guitars are easier to play & less painful for little fingers.   Please purchase what you feel is best for your child.  You may buy locally or you may check with and purchase a classroom guitar at a very reasonable price if you choose.