Gifted Contacts/Procedures

For information regarding gifted procedures, please contact the gifted eligibility chair at each school or the district coordinator of gifted services.

Byron Elementary School

Dr. Amanda Brantley

825-9650 Ext. 1805

Byron Middle School

Mr. Vassolowe Cammack

825-9660 Ext. 1501

Fort Valley Middle School

Mr. Rodney Hester

825-2413 Ext. 1306

Hunt Elementary School

Ms. Keysha King

825-5296 Ext. 1416

Kay Road Elementary School

Dr. Brandon Hall

825-8893 Ext. 1121

Peach County High School

Dr. Jesse Davis

825-8258 Ext. 1603

Peach County Coordinator of Gifted Services

Dr. Carmen Horton

825-5933 Ext. 1063