Jacob Gresham

Jacob Gresham

Technology Director

Email: Jacob Gresham

Peach County Technology Department is committed to the District's Mission of Learning Today - Leading Tomorrow. With current initiatives such as a complete 10Gbps fiber WAN to 600Mbps+ Internet, we provide access to a world of information in a safe, secure, and reliable manner.

By leveraging server-based computing, application virtualization, and other cutting-edge technologies, Technology Services operates in a very streamlined manner. In addition to a HelpDesk tracking system, employees benefit from Live Support through a remote desktop call center. This new system maximizes the shared knowledge of the IT staff to service the needs of the entire district. Instead of waiting on desktop technicians on their weekly service schedule, staff has access to Technology support every minute of their school day.

As Open Source advocates, Technology Services benefits from many best-of-breed free and open systems created by a worldwide community of developers. Not content to be consumers only, IT staff have contributed back to the Open Source community adding value to this collaborative software ecosystem. Combined with Microsoft and other commercial software, Tech Services maintains a balance of solutions offering the best bang for the tax-payer buck.

As servants of instruction, operations, and business needs, the IT department utilizes a continuous improvement process to quantify, analyze, and adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of Peach County Schools. It is our goal to help Peach County Schools be “the top performing district in the nation for districts our size.”


Kevin Reid

Sr. Network Engineer

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Ty Lewis

Desktop Technician

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Emmanuel Lopez

System Administrator

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Sandy Pitts

Student Information Specialist

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Dia Scott

Registration Assistant

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