The National FFA Organization prides itself in providing opportunities for students to become leaders in their communities and in the agricultural industry. For the first time ever, Hispanic students in the Middle Georgia area were given a chance to demonstrate their public speaking skills— in Spanish!

The FFA Organization has been known to have several opportunities for students to

demonstrate and hone their skills in public speaking through Leadership Development Events, or LDEs. During these LDEs, students are tested on their poise, confidence, delivery, and knowledge of their topic in agriculture. LDEs are conducted in English, but the FFA, at the National and Local levels, is seeing an increase in membership from students who speak another language other than English. For Middle Georgia students, that language is Spanish.

Peach County High FFA Advisor and Agricultural Educator Luz Morales is also fluent in Spanish and wanted to help provide a space for Spanish-speaking FFA members to thrive in the public speaking setting. “I speak both English and Spanish, but growing up in some places I felt more comfortable speaking in Spanish,” she states. “Providing Hispanic students with opportunities that makes their culture feel seen and heard is empowering for them and shows them that they can achieve their goals.” Thus, she assisted in helping plan and judge the first ever Area 3 FFA Spanish Creed Invitational for Spanish-speaking FFA students.

On March 21, Byron Middle FFA member Mariana Alcantar and Fort Valley Middle FFA member Kenia Saucedo participated in the Area 3 FFA Spanish Creed Invitational among several other Spanish-speaking students. They were tested on their ability to recite the FFA Creed in Spanish and answer questions about agriculture and the FFA in Spanish. Mariana from Byron Middle placed 1st overall in this event! This LDE was the first FFA competition she participated in and she enjoyed being able to do so in her native language. She was trained by Byron Middle FFA Advisor Ms. Emily Robertson.